Evaluación inicial para informar el trabajo de acción climática de Sol Orgánica

  • Año de Inicio - Año Finalización

    2022 - 2022

  • Cliente Directo

    Sol Orgánica S.A.

  • Palabras Clave

    - Insetting
    - Offsetting
    - Acción climática
    - Soluciones basadas en la naturaleza

  • Alcance Geográfico


  • Estado


Conduct the initial phase of assessment for informing Sol Organica and innocent’s climate action work for providing Sol Organica and innocent with substantiated information aimed at supporting decisions analyses related to:

  • GHG Management strategy development building on Sol Organica’s sustainability commitments.
  • Carbon Insetting project development considering Sol Organica’s supply chain of the agricultural products linked to their client innocent drinks.
  • Carbon Offsetting project development considering, as per Sol Organica’s interest, their own resources, and agricultural operations.